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Garden of Euphoric Zoological Experiences  


Zoo Design Winner!
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Zoo Rating - 95
Animal Happiness - 97
Guest Happiness - 91
103 Animals
25 Exhibits
18 Attractions
441 Guests
40 Staff Members
As guests walk through the entrance, the first exhibits they see are the 5 required: Zebras,African Lions, Bongos, Asian Elephants, and finally the moose. On either side of the entrance is a picnic area with many snacks and benches for the guests to enjoy. Moving clockwise from the entrance, passed the lions, is an African Elephant exhibit with a carousel dividing the exhibit down the middle. On the interior side of this is the chimp exhibit. In the lower left-hand corner of the zoo is a color coded male and female petting zoo with some water scenery and benches for the guests. The next area I have named Tri-mates because of the three primate houses all offering different programs to enjoy. These three houses are engulfed in two surrounding baboon exhibits. Around the corner from here to the left, is a couple of insect houses divided by a haunted grove for a spooky snack or a picnic. Next is the Japanese Gardens and Duck Pond section of the park with everything for the guest to enjoy. To the rear of this area is the Staff Area with a compost building and staff parking.  Continuing around are two reptile houses are surrounded by water and a fitting salt water crocks exhibit. As the red brick ends and the gold brick starts, guests will be entering the Fantasy zone. Here they will find everything from Pink Elephants to Unicorns. From Yeti to the biggest of all, the Triceratops, including a baby Tri. Moving around the outside of the park, is a little hedge maze / garden area for guests to walk or sit and relax. A restaurant sits snuggled in the rear of the hedge garden. From here, in both directions, you have the arctic zone complete with Polar Bears, Arctic Wolves, Penguins and Sea Lions. G.E.Z.E. Lake is next with a slightly tropical feel to it. Fresh Water Crocks and American Alligators make this lake their home. Refreshments and some nice viewing areas surround the lake nicely. Moving to the interior of the zoo, next to the Moose exhibit, is an Animal Theater nestled in some Japanese Maples. Bordering the theater is the Lowland Gorilla exhibit and the Elephant Fountain Plaza with an elephant ride, tables, benches, and a restaurant. Between the elephant ride and the Arctic Wolves is a set of Aviaries with a colorful assortment of flowers surrounding both.