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Zoo of the Month

December 2001

Moraville Zoo
submitted by Lenny M.

A wonderful zoo of very good size, Lenny has made excellent use of the space. This award winning zoo has nearly 100 animals, and plenty of room left to add more. There are two food courts, one of which is nestled between twin Japanese gardens. There are a couple of fountains placed around the zoo along with a neat courtyard built around a duck pond. There are also a number of attractions - from animal houses to a petting zoo - everyone will find something to enjoy. The zoo's compost building (nestled in a far corner) boasts an astonishing $76,000 profit! In the summer of it's 4th year this zoo really is amazing. It has won numerous awards:

Most Popular Zoo
Highest Customer Satisfaction
Highest Quality Exhibits
Quality Animal Care
Diverse Species
Best Zoo
Excellence in Exhibit Design

Here are the zoos statistics:

Zoo Rating: 97
Animal Happiness: 96
Guest Happiness: 94

Admission: $26 adult/$13 child
# of Animals: 95
# of Exhibits: 25
# of Attractions: 10
# of Guests: 701
# of Staff: 38

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Moraville Zoo #1

Here are 2 of the 4 primate exhibits of this zoo.

Moraville Zoo #2

Some key attractions of the zoo, along with the larger of the two foodcourts.

Moraville Zoo #3

An overview of several exhibits

Moraville Zoo #4

Everyone's favorite exhibits...the elephants! The Asian elephant exhibit boasts 5 stars for popularity.

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