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From The Zebra's Mouth

From The Zebra's Mouth is a unique place here at ZTU. THis is where you can find news and information from Microsoft and Blue Fang - straight from the source!


Tidbit Tuesday
Tidbit Tuesday is an event that spans all the ZT fansites. Each Tuesday, a fun fact or tidbit is posted at one of the fansites. Be sure to check this and other sites on Tuesdays for the newest tidbit!
June 20th -   When testing animals, four versions need to be evaluated.  They are the adult male, adult female, young male, and young female.  When you factor in the 20 animals that are included with Africa Adventures pack, that’s 80 animals that need to be tested.
July 4thThe animal that took the longest to implement was the Aardvark at 36 hours.  Runner ups were the Secretary Bird at 28 and the Gelada at 27.
July 25th -    It would take one tester 8 weeks to test all the African animals, which is why we hire several testers to test the animals.  We can do the same amount of testing in fewer weeks.

August 8th - There are two versions of every sound, an 8-bit and a 16-bit version.  Each of these must be verified by QA.


August 29th-     It takes on average, 2 full days for a single tester to verify just one animal.


September 26th-     Marine Mania is the first Zoo Tycoon 2 expansion pack to feature an all-new staff member, the trainer

Our Blue Fang representative is keeping us up to date with news on the next ZT2 expansion pack as it becomes available!
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