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Zoo Tycoon Unlimited prides itself on being one of the foremost informational sites out there. Because there is such a wealth of information that we have gathered, we started to run out of room here on the site. The rest of our information can be found by clicking on the following links:


Do you wonder how ZTU came to be what we are today? Find out the history behind one of the leading ZT sites!

History of ZTU

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Looking for a list of Easter Eggs and Cheats to help you make the most of your zoo experience? Look no further!

Easter Eggs & Cheats

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Can't make those darn leopards happy? Don't know how much foliage a warthog likes? Our guides show you what to put in an exhibit and gives you a screenshot to help you visualize that perfect exhibit!

ZT1 Suitability Guides

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Are you confused or intimidated by the idea of entering a ZOTM contest? Find answers to questions like what is a ZOTM, how do I enter and am I good enough?

Contest FAQs

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Can't remember what expansion pack had the tapir? What about that magnolia tree? If you need to know what came from which game, check out our info topics.

Game Info

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Can't get past that scenario? Is it making you tear your hair out in frustration? Get a helping hand with our walkthroughs.

ZT1 Walkthroughs

ZT2 Walkthroughs

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