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Inter-Site Zoo Building Project

We are hosting an exciting zoo building project, and have invited the likes of Zoo Admin, Zoo Tek, Zoomania, Zoo Tycoon Gold and other fansites around the community to take part....


We wanted to do something special to celebrate 5 years in the community... key word being community. I am sure that most of you will agree that the Zoo Tycoon community is unlike any other. There is such friendship, creativity and passion for this game that it can be overwhelming. While there are many sites out there, I think we can all agree that we are where we are because of the other sites in the community. Each site pushes the others to be better, friendlier, and find new things to draw in the members. I have heard many first time members say that they can't pick a favorite site, because each one brings a little something different to the table... Things like our design workshops, Zoo Tek's PPNE, Zoo Admin's downloads, or Zoo Tycoon Unleashed's suitability guide contests. Everyone has something to offer, and we are hoping that this contest can show the community just what fantastic people exist in the sites around them.

For that reason, we are hosting an inter-site zoo building contest. There will be teams set up to represent all the wonderful facets of the community. Each team will come up with a theme for their zoo and will work together to create their zoo...

It is our hope that this will bring the community even closer together, and may even start a tradition for the future. This will be a ZT1 AND ZT2 contest.

Details on how to signup, how to form a team and timeline of events can be found here: