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Dino Digs Info



Dinosaurs for your zoo!

  • Features more than 20 fascinating and awe-inspiring creatures including the T-rex, Velociraptor, and Sabre-tooth cat.
New building materials and staff members to enhance and beautify your zoo
  • Prehistoric themed buildings and attractions, terrain objects such as tar pits, volcanoes, fortified electric fences, and more.
  • Special staff members to include research scientists and a Dinosaur Recovery Team to ensure the nurturing of the dinosaurs and the safety of your guests!
Challenging gameplay
  • Six new scenarios will truly put your zoo management skills to the test. Your ability to care for and manage the dinosaurs, and keep your guests safe, will be the difference between your zoo going extinct or you becoming a Zoo Tycoon!
Mix dinosaurs with animals
  • Place dinosaurs, ice age beasts, and animals together in the same exhibit in a quest to find peaceful co-existence between creatures separated by 150 million years.
Easy to start, easy to play
  • The expansion pack seamlessly integrates with Zoo Tycoon, allowing you to begin playing the moment you start the game. An easy interactive tutorial teaches players how to build and manage a prehistoric zoo.

NAMASAURUS CONVERTER REXSo you think you would have been a Velociraptor? Find out if you are right with our Namasaurus Converter rex! You can also find out your dinosaur name quicker than you can say Coelophysis bauri!